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How To Know When Your Windows And Doors Need Replacing

If you pay attention to the warning signs your home is giving you, it is not hard to tell when certain things need some attention.  This maintenance can take the form of heating or air conditioning systems, electrical systems, your chimney, driveway, walkway or landscaping neglect.  The windows and doors of your home are no different and require maintenance or replacement after a certain amount of years of service.

In the case of windows and doors, they make begin to make noise r let in a draft in which case it’s time to pay attention and consider putting them on your to-do list of home improvements.  Keep reading for ten warning signs that tell you it’s time to replace your windows and doors.

Ten common signs that it’s time for your home’s windows and doors to be replaced

  • You can feel a draft coming through closed windows or doors.
  • Opening or closing windows and doors has become difficult to accomplish.
  • Windows are stained to the point where cleaning them has little effect.
  • There is visible damage in the form of chipping, water stains, warping or other deterioration.
  • If you live in an old house that is fitted with single pane windows. These should be updated to more modern double or triple pain varieties to block out the elements and save money on your heating or air conditioning costs.
  • Replacement parts are no longer available or are extremely hard to find.
  • Your energy bill is going through the roof due to leaky windows and doors that can no longer do the job of insulating your home.
  • Older windows provide very little acoustic insulation and will benefit from direct replacement.
  • Older homes, with the single pane glass windows, also offer no UVA or UVB protection. This can cause your walls, carpets and interior to fade and wear prematurely.  It is also not the greatest for your health.  Modern windows feature “low E” glass that blocks out harmful UV rays.
  • Your windows and doors look worn and in disrepair. Ugly windows and doors do not make for an enjoyable living space and can drastically affect your ability to sell the home should you wish to do so.  Updating the windows and doors of your home is a common way to increase its value and reduce the time spent on market in a sales scenario.

If you have some cash lying around and are looking for a worthwhile way to spend it, Perspective Renovations can help you invest in your home.  Offering complete renovations services in the Ottawa area, including window and door replacement, they are the experts you need to call.  Check them out on their website found at:

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