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Buyer’s Guide to Purchase a Quality Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are extremely catchy and can give you an image of the original painting you saw somewhere – all at a tiny fraction of the cost while upping the aesthetics of any place quite a few notches. That’s why the demand of canvas prints @ Canvas Champ is at an all-time high these days.

However, with today’s growing economical activities and easy publicity of self services through the internet, frauds and customer exploitation have become very common. In order to prevent a money theft and being tricked into buying a low quality printed canvas, you need to do your research before you make your purchase.

We bring to you major lookouts before you settle down on buying a canvas print:

Ask yourself these three main questions when you come across a website claiming to sell high quality canvas prints:

  • Does it look professionally made?
  • Can you contact the seller?
  • Do they allow customer reviews on their site?

All these questions legitimize the existence and quality of the seller.

Methods and Materials

Before placing your order, make sure you are well aware of their manufacturing process and what materials they use.

It is important or you to have some know how about different kinds of materials:

· Frame Material
Look for frame quality. Avoid wood frames as the canvas loosens overtime and becomes saggy when wrapped on them. This ruins the entire beauty of its print. Go for 4-piece frames, latched with wooden wedges on their corners. Overtime, the print can be stretched on these wedges. Buying a high quality frame gives your print a long lasting effect.

· Fabric
A high quality, 100% cotton manufactured canvas cloth will give the print a smooth and durable texture. This will enhance the overall outlook of the canvas.

· Archival Inks
While purchasing a printed canvas, it is important to make sure the ink used is archival ink. This is a type of ink which is expensive and is of an extremely high quality in nature. These inks defy dissolving of the print for up to 75 years. Usually, frauds take place when printers use low quality inks. Large format printers in the market at this time would have to be the Epson Ultrachrome 7880/9880 range which canvas prints in archival ink.

· Lacquering
This is the final step of canvas printing. Most dealers who compromise on quality completely omit this step. Lacquering is the final layer of transparent coating on the canvas’ print which needs to b made on not only the print but also the edge of the frame where the frame and the canvas are adjacent.  This way you can easily wipe your artwork clean but also keep the canvas print from fading through wind collision of developing scratch marks.

Lacquering is the final touch to your canvas and should you consider a supplier, specifically emphasize on your needs of high quality and no compromise on lacquering.

Don’t shy away from using the jargon when buying as they portray your knowledge and will alert the supplier of your awareness, effectively maximizing your chances of getting a great deal and the best quality.


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